REVITACARE is a French Laboratory specialized in cutting-edge Research, Development and Manufacturing of anti-aging highly elaborated formulas.

Thanks to its specific knowledge and expertise, REVITACARE has been recognized as a pioneer in delivering specific complex with active ingredients combined with Hyaluronic acid.  Our range is dedicated to medical aesthetic and cosmetology markets, to treat aging effects, aesthetic and various cosmetic concerns. Our products are distributed in over 40 countries thanks through wide international distribution network.

REVITACARE was honoured with several awards including CYTOCARE as « Best mesotherapy product » and HAIRCARE as « Best hair beauty product « . These awards are the recognition of our high performance, our conviction to develop efficient and secure products. It scored REVITACARE as a key player in manufacturing of sophisticated formulas.

Since 2003, our main focus is to develop innovative products to comply with the highest safety standards to meet practitioners and patients’ expectations.


REVITACARE Laboratory: EN ISO 13485 certified.

CLASS III Medical Devices.

HA quality: biotechnological origin.

Microbiological safety.

Biocompatible in compliance with ISO 10993 international standards: non-cytotoxic ; non-irritant ; non-sensitizing ; non-mutagenic ; non-genotoxic.

Proved efficiency thanks to in vitro studies and/or clinical data.

Manufacturing process according to ISO 13485 or Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), in France.

Sterile solutions comply with Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices (ISO 22716: 2016).


« With more than 25 years of pharmaceutical experience and convinced that cellular biology is the secret to fighting the effects of aging, I created REVITACARE in 2003 to develop research in this field of science.
To date, our expertise and competence to develop high performance formulas are recognized and place REVITACARE as a key actor of anti-aging aesthetic medicine.
Founded in France REVITACARE is also widely present internationally to satisfy the expectations of our customers. »


Héliparc, 6 rue Saint Simon,
P.A. du Vert Galant
95310 Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône